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We believe, renewable energy assets need to become smarter.

Being active in various energy markets throughout Europe, Pacifico has already encountered different grid congestion scenarios. The massive deployment of renewable energy assets is on the one hand required to achieve the world’s CO2-emmision reduction targets – on the other hand it poses significant challenges to electricity networks basically in all energy markets.

Pacifico therefore invests in “smarten up” its renewable energy assets. Besides combining our photovoltaic assets with wind farms or batteries, we are adding stand-alone battery energy storage systems to our pipeline. These assets provide better electricity production profiles and flexibility to the grid – to reduce congestion scenarios and cannibalization effects.

Are you an industry player, municipality or investor interested in adding battery storage systems to your site, district or portfolio?

We cover the whole development process of battery energy storage systems. Feel free to contact us at any time to see how we can help you out.

Andrea Zeggio
Manager - Project Development

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