A dynamic company
with a focus on
renewable energies.


Pacifico Energy Partners GmbH at a glance.

Pacifico was founded in 2016 by Ulf Oesterlin and Fabian Herberg as an investment company for operating renewable energy assets, with in-house asset management and development capabilities.

In 2019, we successfully listed our portfolio of operating plants as Pacifico Renewables Yield AG (now “Tion Renewables AG”) and established a strategic partnership. At the same time, we re-focused with the objective to maximize our contribution to the energy transition by pivoting into the development of new renewable energy projects.

~ 3000 MW

Pacifico has built a strong development pipeline of ~ 3000 MW and constantly sources and evaluates more high-quality greenfield projects.


Founded in 2016 – Established in Munich with Ulf Oesterlin and Fabian Herberg, two former McKinsey consultants with over 20 years in the energy sector, as Co-CEOs.

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Active in five European countries, with plans to further expand Pacifico’s services across Europe.

> 50

We are a team of more than 50 professionals with the combined goal of implementing our shared conviction that renewable energy is key for a sustainable future.


Our Management Team

Ulf Oesterlin
Co-CEO & Founder

“Pacifico combines drive and entrepreneurial spirit with the experience of energy industry veterans. I believe that this combination is unique in the energy sector. We want to boost the energy transition at scale – by developing new plants, adopting new technologies and making the most out of the plants we manage every day. It is great to work towards this common goal with a great team of like-minded people. I love the energy and drive of my co-workers and it excites me every day to work with them.”

Fabian Herberg
Co-CEO & Founder

“To achieve decarbonization targets, Europe lacks enough renewable projects. Developing such projects and seeing them take shape is what excites me at Pacifico. With a dynamic, smart and international team, it is also lots of fun!”

Thomas Lorenz
Chief Operating Officer

“For me it’s all about the team – we have brought together very diverse and passionate individuals who are acting as one team to drive the energy transition in Europe.”

Jannik Hoffmann
Chief Financial Officer

“Pacifico combines an entrepreneurial mindset with high professional standards. I appreciate working with talented and driven individuals to contribute to the energy transition.”


An overview of Pacifico’s development projects and operated assets across Europe.

Europe Map



Total Capacity ~ 650 MW
Development Projects: 262 MW + 317 MW stand-alone battery storage
Operated Assets: 67 MW



Total Capacity ~ 1390 MW
Development Projects: 920 MW PV + 46 MW co-location battery storage + 420 MW stand-alone battery storage
Operated Assets: 4 MW



Total Capacity ~ 50 MW
Development Projects: 16 MW
Operated Assets: 30 MW



Total Capacity ~ 1050 MW
Development Projects: 862 MW + 140 MW stand-alone battery storage
Operated Assets: 52 MW



Total Capacity ~ 80 MW
Development Projects: 20 MW green hydrogen project with co-location of 30 MW PV + 28 MW wind


A brief history of Pacifico Energy Partners

Mid 2023

First green hydrogen project in Spain
Development of a 20 MW hydrogen electrolysis plant in Spain powered by a combination of co-located 30 MW PV and 28 MW wind plants.

April 2023

Pacifico Energy Partners and Volksbank Mittelhessen establish a joint venture
to develop renewable energy projects in Germany and the Netherlands.

March 2023

Successful sale of a portfolio of PV projects in Italy to MYTILINEOS Energy&Metals.
The portfolio consists of three ground-mounted utility scale projects with a total capacity of ~45 MWp that have received full permits under the Italian PAUR regime.

Late 2022

Pacifico and Eiffel Investment Group (“Eiffel”) join forces  in a dedicated
joint venture
to accelerate the development of photovoltaic plants and battery energy storage systems in Europe.

Late 2021

Commissioning and sale of a PV plant in the Netherlands
Pacifico successfully completes the development of the 14 MW PV plant with the sale to a strategic partner

November 2020

Development activities begin in Spain
Pacifico expands its presence in the Spanish market through a joint venture with a local project developer to develop a greenfield PV plant in Andalusia in southern Spain

Late 2019

Development activities begin in the Netherlands
Pacifico enters the Dutch market with the development of a portfolio of rooftop PV systems and a 14 MW ground-mounted system in Gelderland

November 2019

The listing of the operating portfolio
as Pacifico Renewables Yield AG (now TION Renewables AG) on the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange allows Pacifico to focus on the development of onshore wind and PV assets and provide asset management services for the operating portfolio

Late 2018

First greenfield PV project in Italy
Pacifico expands its development activities with a 61 MW PV portfolio in Sicily


First greenfield wind project in Poland
Development of 52 MW onshore wind portfolio in Poland marks start of Pacifico’s development activities

Since 2016

Expansion of the operating portfolio outside Germany
through the acquisition of PV plants in Italy, followed by further acquisitions of PV and wind power plants in Germany and the Czech Republic


First acquisition in Germany
Portfolio of seven EEG-subsidized wind turbines establishes Pacifico’s renewables portfolio

April 2016

Company foundation
Founded in Munich by Ulf Oesterlin and Fabian Herberg, two former McKinsey consultants with over 20 years of experience in the energy sector, as Co-CEOs

The Pacifico team relies on many years of experience in project development and planning, asset acquisition, financing, as well as in the construction and operation of renewable energy plants in Europe.