Renewable Energy
Assessment & Concept


We want involved municipalities, landowners and citizens to profit from our development projects.

Pacifico is convinced that the transition toward a clean energy future can only be achieved, if all relevant parties participate in the efforts to realize the renewable energy assets necessary – and sharing profits from these projects is the second side from the same coin.

Pacifico partners with municipalities already in the project ideation phase – identifying project sites for PV- or wind assets, electrolyzers or battery energy storage systems based on the interests of the municipality and its citizens. Pacifico usually covers the respective costs and development risks of associated assets and offers municipalities, energy cooperatives etc. to participate in the ownership of shovel-ready assets.

Are you a municipality or energy cooperative interested in an analysis of your potential project sites – free of charge?

With a multi-gigawatt project pipeline, we are experts in assessing and developing renewable energy projects throughout Europe. Feel free to contact us at any time to see how we can help you out.

Valentin Schuster
Team Lead - Project Development

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