Pacifico acquires 5 MW wind farm in Germany

18 / 08 / 16

Pacifico acquired a portfolio of seven wind power plants in Kampehl, Germany.

The plants have initially been connected to the grid back in 2005 and have been producing sound yields ever since. With a total capacity of 5 MW, the seven Vestas V-52 turbines are located north-west of the German capital, Berlin, in the state of Brandenburg. The acquisition involved both a share-deal and an asset-deal in which two portfolios of 2 and 5 turbines were consolidated.

Currently, all turbines are subsidized through the German EEG which will guarantee fixed revenues till 2025. After that, Pacifico plans to repower the turbines to continue profiting from favorable wind conditions at the site.

With this acquisition, Pacifico is laying the foundation for an ambitious growth course, which will enable it to build up a large, diversified portfolio of European wind and solar power plants over the next few years.

Pacifico Energy Partners GmbH (“Pacifico”) is a Munich-based investment company specializing in operative photovoltaic and wind farms. Its investment approach thus focuses on safe assets in existing and proven technologies with low risk.