Entry into Italian market – Pacifico acquires 1 MW solar project in Northern Italy

24 / 04 / 24

With the acquisition of a solar power plant in northern Italy, Pacifico is expanding its portfolio and is now also entering the Italian market.

As with previously acquired plants in Germany, this project is also an operational power plant with stable production values and long-term feed-in tariffs. The plant was connected to the grid for the first time in 2011, enabling reliable earnings forecasts and risk positions to be minimized.

In addition to attractive conditions in the Italian market, a reduction in portfolio risk was one of the reasons for expanding business activities to another stable EU country. “By diversifying our portfolio across several locations, we can minimize our risk and at the same time make optimal use of the geographical particularities of different European regions,” explains Fabian Herberg, Managing Director responsible for the Italian division.

Pacifico Energy Partners GmbH (“Pacifico”) is a Munich-based investment company specializing in operative photovoltaic and wind farms. Its investment approach thus focuses on safe assets in existing and proven technologies with low risk.