Pacifico announces the purchase of first PV plant in Germany

23 / 07 / 24

Pacifico acquires an operational PV plant in Saxony-Anhalt, thus laying the foundation for a German photovoltaic portfolio.

Following the successful expansion of the Italian portfolio last month, this step is intended to ensure geographical diversification.

The plant, which was already put into operation in 2010, is located on the roofs of an agricultural farm in the Harz district in Saxony-Anhalt and consists of polycrystalline modules of type AS-6p30 from the manufacturer AmeriSolar and inverters from the renowned manufacturer SMA. The total capacity of the plant is 1500 kW.

Due to defective thin-film modules and some assembly and design errors of the plant, some repair work is necessary. After successful completion of this work, which should be completed by mid-2018, a significant increase in yields can be expected.

In connection with the acquisition, it will also be possible to install new photovoltaic systems on additional roofs located at the farm and thus expand the total output to over 3 MW. The planning and construction of this expansion are scheduled to begin next year, and the grid connection is expected to be completed in 2019.

Pacifico Energy Partners GmbH (“Pacifico”) is a Munich-based investment company specializing in operative photovoltaic and wind farms. Its investment approach thus focuses on safe assets in existing and proven technologies with low risk.