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Taking renewable energy to the next level

Pacifico envisions a future in which we can live sustainably on our planet despite growing populations. We invest in wind and solar power plants throughout Europe to generate the clean power to enable this vision.

The compatibility of commercial success and the transformation to a sustainable, clean energy system is deeply rooted in the DNA of our company. With our investments in renewable energy assets, we bring the two together on a day-to-day basis.

Our corporate culture combines the creativity and pragmatism of entrepreneurs with the rigor and discipline of financial investors. It is our declared goal to use these qualities to quickly become one of the leaders in our industry.

We aim to make a significant contribution in moving renewable energy to the next evolutionary step of market integration without the dependency on support schemes.

We are aware, that the vision of a sustainable and just energy market cannot be realized by one player alone. We, therefore, value our partnerships and believe in the mutual benefit of long-term cooperation with transparency and open communication at eye level.

We live by these values every day both within our company and with our partners, service providers, and costumers. Thereby we are contributing to an environment in which the clean future of the energy supply chain is shaped by a strong coalition of cooperating partners.

Our Corporate Values

Contribution to Sustainability
Driven Entrepreneurs
Professional Investors
Personal Integrity
One Team
Personal Growth
We contribute to the renewable energy transition
We consider the environment in everything we do
We build a successful company that sets new standards
We act entrepreneurially – dynamic, courageous and flexible
We are thorough and reliable, and keep our promises
We handle investors' funds as if they were our own
We expect fairness and honesty
We treat everyone with respect – inside and outside the company
We communicate openly
We value and require everyone's opinion
We give space and support for professional growth, and share expertise generously
We take individual ownership and are willing to learn