Pacifico Energy Partners has successfully participated in the recent auction for wind power in Poland. Three of our wind farm projects, totaling 52 MW, were awarded a government-backed feed-in tariff.

“With the turbine supply agreements and the Balance-of-plant contract already in place, we expect to finalize construction of the plants in 2020. This is yet another achievement in this great year for Pacifico and only one of our current development projects for 2020.” said Fabian Herberg, Managing Director of Pacifico Energy Partners.

In June, Pacifico successfully closed its first acquisitions in the Czech PV market, diversifying it’s European renewable portfolio. A total of 4 PV power plants were acquired in two separate transactions within a few days. The plants are situated at locations with high solar irradiation and can thereby reach more than 1000 full-load hours per year.

The combined capacity of the portfolio is 7.5 MW, generating enough clean electricity to power more than 4000 households. The parks are in an impeccable technical condition and receive compensation via the Czech feed-in tariff, making the transaction a successful entry into yet another European market.

Pacifico Energy Partners GmbH (“Pacifico”) is a Munich-based investment company specializing in operative photovoltaic and wind farms. Its investment approach thus focuses on safe assets in existing and proven technologies with low risk.