Pacifico Energy Partners is happy to announce that it has secured additional land to develop new PV plants in the Italian regions of Sicily, Sardinia and Apulia.
We are thrilled to participate in Italy’s ambitious clean energy plans by expanding our portfolio in the country by approximately 150 MWp, thus pushing our total Italian porfolio up to 225 MWp.

Pacifico Energy Partners GmbH (‘Pacifico’) and 3megawatt GmbH (‘3megawatt’) are pleased to announce that Pacifico will use 3megawatt’s BluePoint software – a leading solar and wind software that helps manage 35 GW in 40 countries – to provide its asset management services in a digitally enhanced way.

Thomas Lorenz, Chief Operating Officer of Pacifico, said: “Complexity is increasing in the renewable energy space, especially with regards to the management of assets. Therefore, we have spent significant efforts to find the right solution for the fast-growing asset base we are managing and are very happy to start a collaboration with Munich-based 3megawatt. Edmee and her team convinced us that they are the right partner for us to manage complexity and scale our business in order to support the renewable energy transition.”

Edmee Kelsey, Chief Executive of 3megawatt said: “We are excited to welcome Pacifico to the BluePoint platform. As a renewable energy company providing state-of-the-art asset management services in Europe, Pacifico Energy’s selection of BluePoint confirms our sustained investment in delivering the world’s best platform for renewable energy asset management. We are looking forward to assisting Pacifico with the achievement of their ambitious growth targets.”

Pacifico is a renewable energy company for wind and solar energy. The company develops greenfield projects, repowers existing plants, provides state-of-the-art asset management services and facilitates the acquisition of operational and turn-key plants.

3megawatt’s mission is to help clients improve the management of their renewable energy assets through digital transformation and thought leadership. The BluePoint software platform simplifies, streamlines and automates business processes in renewable energy, such as contract and compliance management, asset register management, event and task management, aggregation of data feeds, financial management, project development, energy invoicing and investor reporting.

We are happy to announce that earlier last month we have started our first project in Spain: In a joint venture with experienced local partner TwSolar we will develop a greenfield PV plant in Andalucía in the south of Spain. Perfectly flat terrain and outstanding irradiation mean this project has all fundamentals that are needed for success!

Pacifico Energy Partners is happy to announce that the first out of five Vestas V136-3.45 MW wind turbines was successfully assembled and installed at Wind Park Świecie in Kujawsko – Pomorskie, Poland.

Wind Park Świecie is one of three projects in our portfolio that are currently under construction. Together the projects will be capable of delivering electricity to almost 95,000 Polish households. The projects are being accomplished as a successful cooperation between Pacifico Energy Partners and Green Bear Corporation Poland.

Pacifico Energy Partners is pleased to announce that it has reached financial close for a 51.8 MW wind farm portfolio in Poland in the amount of PLN 225,150,000.


Bayerische Landesbank will provide senior debt financing and ancillary facilities to the project companies as a sole lender to the projects. The three wind farms had successfully participated in the renewable energy tender launched by the Polish government in December 2019 and are currently under construction.


Jannik Hoffmann, Chief Financial Officer of Pacifico Energy Partners, said: “We are proud to achieve this milestone, especially at a time where financial markets have recently experienced COVID-19-related stress signals. This is clear evidence that with BayernLB we have chosen a great banking partner that has provided invaluable support. Pacifico is delighted to accelerate Poland’s move away from fossil fuels and help meet its renewable energy targets.”


Christoph Fischer, Global Head of Structured & Trade Finance at BayernLB: “We are proud to accompany Pacifico’s growth journey. Setting up these onshore wind parks in Poland is just another step towards a decarbonized and sustainable future energy system in Europe. BayernLB is proactively supporting the energy transition based on our exceptional track record in financing renewable energy generation projects.”


Pacifico Energy Partners GmbH is a renewable energy company. It facilitates the acquisition of operational and turn-key wind and solar plants, develops new green-field projects, repowers existing plants and provides state-of-the-art asset management services.

Pacifico Energy Partners has successfully participated in the recent auction for wind power in Poland. Three of our wind farm projects, totaling 52 MW, were awarded a government-backed feed-in tariff.

“With the turbine supply agreements and the Balance-of-plant contract already in place, we expect to finalize construction of the plants in 2020. This is yet another achievement in this great year for Pacifico and only one of our current development projects for 2020.” said Fabian Herberg, Managing Director of Pacifico Energy Partners.

In June, Pacifico successfully closed its first acquisitions in the Czech PV market, diversifying it’s European renewable portfolio. A total of 4 PV power plants were acquired in two separate transactions within a few days. The plants are situated at locations with high solar irradiation and can thereby reach more than 1000 full-load hours per year.

The combined capacity of the portfolio is 7.5 MW, generating enough clean electricity to power more than 4000 households. The parks are in an impeccable technical condition and receive compensation via the Czech feed-in tariff, making the transaction a successful entry into yet another European market.

Pacifico Energy Partners GmbH (“Pacifico”) is a Munich-based investment company specializing in operative photovoltaic and wind farms. Its investment approach thus focuses on safe assets in existing and proven technologies with low risk.